Metacoin API

What is METACOIN ?

  • Metacoin is the World's first HyperLedger based Cryptocurrency with Application Protocol framework.


Metacoin Struct

  • Client is Metacoin user.

  • Public Node is Metacoin node(is not require).

  • Main Node is Metacoin main daemon.

  • Metacoin Bridge is JSON-PRC convert to HyperLedger Fabric.


  • Can store Metacoin or Metacoin tokens.

  • Used to prove that you are the owner of the token or the resource being stored.

  • The only way to prove ownership of an address is by using a private key pairing with the public key you sent when you created the address.


  • Metacoin standard for token create.

  • The unique value that distinguishes the value generated by MRC-010 is the TOKEN ID.


  • One or more transactions are included.

  • The creation of an address is also included in the Transaction.

  • If no transaction occurs, no block is created.


  • If you need to prove that you are the owner of a resource, such as an address, to prevent reuse of packets forwarded using Json RPC, sign the packet by adding a temporary key issued by the Metacoin Network.

  • Once used temporary key is discarded and can not be used again.


  • There is no separate node,and it is configured centrally rather than the traditional way of sending blocks in P2P mode.

For more information, please see "REST API Reference"

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